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New to Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes are a great alternative to smoking! It's easy to get started and the benefits are immediate. It can be overwhelming picking a kit and liquid at first so we would like to make some recommendations to the new users.

Below are some basic recommendations, but buying for the first time can be difficult due to the numerous options available in the industry. We are happy to answer any questions and welcome the opportunity to  find the best match for our customers needs. Please email or call us at 586-630-5535 and we can take phone orders. Many times this is the best way to find the perfect match and get you started.

We have 7 years experience with this product, and have used many of the models on the market today. We recommend for the new user either the JOYE eRoll Starter Kit , or one of the  Custom EGO Kits. The JOYE eRoll is smaller and closer to the size of a cigarette. It gives good vapor and flavor. The downside with the eRoll is you will have to fill it more often. The EGO Custom Kits are bigger and about the size of a normal sharpie pen. There is numerous options, the battery life is much longer, and the tank holds more liquid. If size is not a concern then we strongly recommend the Custom EGO Kits, but if size is an issue then the JOYE eRoll is the best MINI Ecig on the market. For liquid recommendations and tips check out our Tips Page.


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Monthly Specials For May

E-Liquid 10ML 11MG
$5.00  $4.00
Save: 20% off
E-Liquid 10ML 18MG
$5.00  $4.00
Save: 20% off
E-Liquid 10ML 24MG
$5.00  $4.00
Save: 20% off
JOYE eCab Atomizer Cone Body
$8.00  $5.00
Save: 38% off
JOYE eCab Battery Housing Case
$19.00  $10.00
Save: 47% off
JOYE eCab Cartridges 5 Pack
$5.00  $1.50
Save: 70% off
JOYE eCab Charger
$10.00  $7.00
Save: 30% off
JOYE EGO-C/e-roll Atomizer Head - 5 Pack
$22.00  $14.00
Save: 36% off
SMOKTECH Glass DCT Dual Coil Tank - 5ML
$10.00  $7.00
Save: 30% off